Newborn Safety Guidelines

AWP Newborn Safety Guidelines

Studio Newborn Photography is more popular now than ever. With inexpensive entry level cameras available to the public and an endless Pinterest feed of inspiration, more and more untrained photographers are starting to offer sessions without any training. Not all photographers have the knowledge and skill required to safely pose a baby and create those beautiful photos you see on my website. Newborn Photography takes a lot of special safety and posing training that many new parents and photographers taking on newborn sessions aren’t aware of. When booking your Newborn Session please book a photographer who is specifically trained in Newborn Posing Safety as I am.

Please do not attempted advanced or prop posing if attempting a DIY newborn session at home. Newborn Photography Safety skills and parenting skills are very different and parents who attempt their own DIY Newborn Session are often left disappointed or worse, as many Newborns have been injured this way.

Your child will only be a Newborn for a very short time.  Please make sure to choose a licensed and insured Photographer who is trained in and specializes in Studio Newborn Photography.


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